Trial Room - Shimit Mathur and Mayank Pandey

Trial Room - Shimit Mathur and Mayank Pandey

StandUp | Age 18+ | English, Hindi | 1hr 15mins

15 Jan 2019 , Delhi300+

"Trial Room" is a Stand-Up Trial show by Shimit Mathur. He is a thoughtful comedian from Delhi, which means his Jokes will make you think more.

He has no opinions about politics or religion, but after watching his show, people have opinions about him-

"He should leave Stand-Up" - A guy in Pink Shirt
"I am offended" - A Lady with lots of hope in life
"You will be a legend" - An astrologer (He paid him more)

After winning bronze medal in third class in school, he is all set win hearts of his audience if they buy the tickets. Also, please don't try to insult him, he can insult himself better then you.