The Funjaabis: A Punjabi Standup Comedy Trial Show

The Funjaabis: A Punjabi Standup Comedy Trial Show

StandUp | Age 18+ | Punjabi | 1hr 15mins

20 Jan 2019 , Delhi300+

Show will be entirely in Punjabi language. No English. No hindi.

This is our Regional stand up event as we curate the best of punjabi humor for the people of Delhi NCR. Well, we figured it's about time to give comedy, a regional twist.

A 75 min show catered for the self proclaimed funniest breed in Earth: The Punjabis. A show for the Kalra's, the Khanna's, the Arora's, the Malhotra's etc etc. A show for the Manpreets, the Gurpreets, the Jaspreets, the Dilpreets etc. Apologies if we missed mentioning more. We'll make sure we address each one of you on the show.

Be there and support your favorite comedian. And above all, share the laughter and excitement with family and friends. 

75 minutes of raw Punjabi humor

See You There!

Artists: Gourav Mahna, Ravi Khurana, Pritish Narula, Harmeet Singh Kohli, Inder, Avisaar