Sorabh Pant is Live!

Sorabh Pant is Live!

StandUp | Age 14+ | English | 1hr 30mins

24 Feb 2019 , Mumbai826+

Sorabh Pant is live. He will remain in that state for the entire show. Watch him try new jokes, talk to the crowd and try to make some friends. His jokes cover travel, politics, relationships, kids and other metaphysical concepts. The show will be at least 90 minutes long - unless Sorabh stops living. Sorabh Pant is/was one of India’s top comedians. He’s the ex-Founder of East India Comedy, has done over 1500 shows in 90 cities and also has three stand-up specials on Amazon Prime Video which have been enjoyed by almost four people.

Read the review of one of his stand-up specials here.

Age: 14+