Shadows – A Stand-Up Comedy Special

Shadows – A Stand-Up Comedy Special

StandUp | Age 16+ | English, Hindi | 1hr 30mins

27 Jan 2019 , Bangalore500+

Shadows is Daniel Fernandes' latest stand-up comedy special that he's touring across India and beyond. This has been a long time in the making and he's excited to share it with people who follow his work and their friends who unwillingly accompany them to the show, and even people who've never heard of him. 

When quizzed about the nature of his material by Arnab, Daniel replied that the show is a personal journey of the last 6 roller coaster years of his life in a way that all of us can connect with. It's dark, disturbing at a point followed by various shades of grey. This is especially recommended for happy people by all leading therapists! 

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