Rib-Ticklers Stand-up Comedy Show

Rib-Ticklers Stand-up Comedy Show

StandUp | Age 18+ | English, Hindi | 1hr 30mins

12 Jan 2019 , Bangalore250+

This is the everyman show that everyone can relate with. These comedians will enthrall you with many hilarious stories.

Come Laugh your hearts out with them or at them. Grab your tickets soon, as they have been selling out shows across the city. Tickets at an affordable Rs 249 (100 cover redeemable at the venue)

Arun aka 'Nerdo', is an IIM Bangalore graduate fresh out of the oven. A living example of an oxymoron, he's a 'Nerd from the last bench'. A true blue Bangalorean, with amazing tales and witty quips about the city. A razor-sharp tongue that spares nobody. 

Prasad Bhat is a vector-artist, rockstar, and a comedian. He is famously known as the man behind Graphicurry with his viral artwork and phenomenal following. He exploded onto the stand-up scene and has been leaving audiences in splits.

An energetic performer with hilarious anecdotes and observations from his life.

Mujahid struggles to answer life's most basic questions, his jokes come from a place of confusion and ignorance. Being a comedian, he now spends his evenings trying to make people laugh at his crippling mediocrity.