Preethi Prema Sha

Preethi Prema Sha

StandUp | Age 16+ | Kannada | 1hr

12 Jan 2019 , Bangalore250+

Preethi Prema Sh**ta is a Kannada stand-up comedy show performed by top notch comedians like Ajay Samson, Suhas Navaratna, Sundeep Rao, These stalwarts will be joined along by rising stars Akshay Kumar and Niroop Mohan.

#PPS is a show filled with funny stories made out of heartbreaks & love life, life throws humongous amount of like-able & unlikable situations but these highly talented comedians make jokes out of all those situations only to entertain you, make you laugh your hearts out & make you feel a lot better at the end of the show.

Don't miss Preethi Prema Sh**ta this January 12th 2019 at Enerjuvate Kormanagala 4th Block, Banni Maja Madona