Nitin gupta live (Rivaldo)

Nitin gupta live (Rivaldo)

StandUp | English, Hindi | 1hr 30mins

13 Jan 2019 , Delhi399+

Nitin Gupta is an average stand up comic & a below average human being. Ideally a below average human being must be an above average artist & a terrible person must be a great artist to be acceptable in this world. 

So now he is trying to become an above average human being. Because that’s a lot easier than becoming an above average comic. 

Life humbled Nitin. He wanted to study at DU (St. Stephens etc). But the cut off at DU was so high that he was forced to go to IIT instead. 

Nitin has done about 1200 shows across Earth. Nitin has always been completely down to earth. That’s why he never did sky diving or Bunjee jumping. Especially Swimming! Why break the record of lifetime of humility for 30 seconds of adventure. So he only does rock climbing for adventure now. 

Nitin is average & humble. His ambition is to become great & arrogant. The kind of artists who u have to see on screen even when u go to watch them LIVE. 

The kind of players who let their bat & tongue do the talking! 

U know the kind of artists people love to hate & hate to love. But right now u might only be able to love him. Because he is still strictly average. 

Remember folks, Great art divides. But Mediocrity is loved by all. And since Nitin wants ur love more than ur appreciation. 

He will try & make the show as mediocre as possible.