LOL by Kishore Dayani, Inder Sahani & Aditya Dubey

LOL by Kishore Dayani, Inder Sahani & Aditya Dubey

StandUp | Age 18+ | Hindi, English | 1hr 30mins

16 Jan 2019 , Delhi399+

Laughter Launchpad is a perfect blend of Best In stand up artist Mixed with the rising stars of Stand-up comedy.

Experience the funniest comedians, at the hilarious stand-up show in the country. In this show we have a professional hosting the show with rising stars and headlined by a Best in stand up artist. Stand-up comedy is a genre, where comics come on stage and interact with you, the audience, with the sole purpose to make you LOL!

Whilst they make every effort to avoid it, sometimes their line-ups will change due to outside factors affecting artists. Don't worry, it doesn't matter who is on, they will always deliver you a great night of comedy. Laughter Launchpad host

HOST - Shivam Lakhanpal

Spots -

Inder Sahani

Himanshu Bhardwaj

Aditya Dubey

ACT – Kishore Dayani