Laughter by the Lake ft. Nishant Suri

Laughter by the Lake ft. Nishant Suri

StandUp | Age 16+ | English, Hindi | 1hr 30mins

24 Feb 2019 , Mumbai250+

It is believed that spending weekends at a beach or a lake with the family is apparently rejuvenating. All you have to do is take part in antakshari and seeing them sing the songs in the most annoying way.

Giving you a free dose of laughter in South Mumbai's counterpart, Powai, The Brown Bread Collective brings the kings of stand-up comedy: Laughter by the Lake

Hosted by Andy Reghu, featuring Govind Menon and Nishant Suri!

So... lock all of your problems in a closet and get ready for a roller coaster ride with these amazing comics.