Aravind SA`s I Was Not Ready Da - Mumbai

Aravind SA`s I Was Not Ready Da - Mumbai

StandUp | 1hr 20mins | English | Age 16+

6 Apr 2019 , Mumbai590+

Your favorite funny man Aravind SA is back!

After the gargantuan success of his 2014 solo show 'Madrasi Da' (which is available on Amazon Prime), he’s touring now with his latest stand-up comedy special, 'I Was Not Ready Da'

'I Was Not Ready Da' is about the things that happened to SA when he least expected it, from becoming a comic to becoming a viral sensation overnight, getting on Amazon Prime and everything in between. Prepare to laugh your heart out as SA takes you through his strange points of reference and his stranger life experiences. Buckle up, put your game face on and be prepared to scream out loud - I was not ready da!

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