Allow Me To Interrupt - A Stand Up Comedy Special by Sriraam Padmanabhan

Allow Me To Interrupt - A Stand Up Comedy Special by Sriraam Padmanabhan


16 Mar 2019 Redbrick Offices Ltd, Magarpatta City, Pune, Pune250+

This is a description of a show, which should excite you and impress you enough to buy the ticket to what's dubbed as a comedy show. In the off chance that you do actually read this description entirely, and are enticed, you will go ahead and click on the 'Book Now' button. You'll purchase a ticket, or maybe two because you want a friend to come along in case this turns out to be a bad decision. 

On the day of the event, you'll get a notification from Insider reminding you of this bad decision. You'll get dressed, call an Uber, and be prepared for an hour of comedy, which may or may not be funny. Some weeks will pass by. We'll grow older. We will continue with our routine of working a job we hate so we can keep buying stuff which we shall eventually discard. Years will pass by. All those murmurs about rising sea levels we keep hearing about will slowly become a reality. Our meaningless lives will now be cut short. 

From being creatures in a rock that's floating in space, we become drowning creatures in a rock that's aimlessly floating in space. As we drown below sea levels, a piranha will circle our bloated remains. At that time, as we approach to see the light, among your final sentient thoughts which escape your mind will be one which tells us, "I probably shouldn't have wasted that time reading that pointless, pseudo-intellectual description of that comedy show, or even maybe attended that comedy show in the first place.