Akbar the Great Nahin Rahe

Akbar the Great Nahin Rahe

StandUp | Hindi, English | 1hr 30mins

17 Mar 2019 , Delhi500+

Writer: Mrinal Mathur

Director: Dr. M Sayeed Alam 

Akbar The Great Nahin Rahe is Pierrot’s Troupe’s latest Comedy: A Hinglish Play with every comic shade - spoof, mimicry, satire and farce. 

What happens when Akbar’s greatness is questioned in today's India? He finds support in heaven from Ashoka to Alexander to Atal Bihari Vajpayee. But, to redeem his name, he needs an ally on earth. And he finds one, but an unlikely ally... 

Who is He or She?

The play features some of the prominent actors of the country, including Aryan Pratap Singh, M Sayeed Alam,  Tanay Tarany, Shubham Gaur etc., with the theatrical experience of each of them spanning over more than 1000 shows, 25 plays and 10 years. 

The play has been written by Mrinal Mathur, a regular contributor of the much needed original plays to Indian Theatre.